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Default Re: Depth Finder questions

I have no problem drilling the hull. The instruction with these things are fairly complete. First you need to locate it where the mfg says to. Drill the hole. Make a backing plate out of 3/4" marine plywood. Cut a hole in it. Bed the transducer and the plywood with 3M 5200. Crank down on the housing nut. Let the 5200 dry. Don't get any on the face of the 'ducer.

By the way, get a transducer that can be replced without replacing the housing. If you do it this way, you won't have to worry about getting 5300 on the face of the transducer, and, if the transducerreplaced ever goes bad, it is simple to replace. 5200 is some badazz chit!

Then run the wires up to the instrument.

Get it in the water at a known depth. Adjust the offset (the difference between the transducer location and the top of the water or the bottom of the boat, whichever floats your cork).
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