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  1. Flyin on a jetski
  2. Raccoon rescue, NJ style
  3. it`s not whatyourthinking.
  4. do you vote?
  5. Passionate Plunge
  6. Dyno-Might, and you though fishing was safe
  7. Serious, not funny
  8. Do you LAUNCH YOUR BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  9. I`m RICH ,Finally, well almost::::::
  10. Buying a new computer,do you remember::
  11. Must-have boat option!
  12. humorous
  13. My First Cavity Search???
  14. Iranians don't find the Star Of David on their airport roof very funny
  15. WTSHTF
  16. Do you enjoy fishing?
  17. a 71 year old MARINE does good.
  18. TSA stuff
  19. Whats my name?
  20. a "TOOT"
  21. +Careful what you wish for